Featuring our partner school: JustKids Kindergarten - KidsOnline
Featuring our partner school: JustKids Kindergarten

JustKids Kindergarten (www.justkids.com.vn) is the leading bilingual kindergarten system in Vietnam, with 5 campuses providing int’l quality early childhood care around Hanoi. KidsOnline is proud to be piloted in JustKids’ classroom since April 2016.


Just Kids’ mission is to provide the highest quality and care in bilingual Vietnamese/English Early Childhood Education. With presently 5 kindergartens in Hanoi, Just Kids has been running its operations as a private institution since 2007. As an indication for the quality of the Just Kids programs, the number of kindergartens has expanded from 1 location to ​5​ locations ​within ​​7​ years, running all on full capacity catering for more than ​7​00 children. As an entirely Vietnamese entity, Just Kids employs in total ​250​ Vietnamese teachers​, staff​ and 25​ full-time foreign teachers and staff.


JustKids’ vision is to provide the best education programs for children under 6 years of age. JustKids education program is unique in terms of the combination of Vietnamese National Early Childhood Curriculum with international programs in English with reference to different early childhood curricula including Australian early learning framework.


According to Pham Thi Cuc Ha, founder of JustKids, “one of the weakest points in Vietnamese early childhood education so far is the limitation of the children to explore things by themselves as the learning is still very theory-based, teacher-focused, even for children under 6. In particular early science education has a very limited access to learning tools, enriching curricula and teacher training. JustKids’ curriculum development allows us to introduce the very successful enquiry-based learning approach in early childhood education in Vietnam. Running as a private institution in Vietnam allows us to create a new and different early childhood education model in science and environment that respects and corresponds with the National Education Curriculum of Vietnam. Our hope is that the learning approach and the rich and inspiring early learning atmosphere in science and environmental protection can be integrated in the Vietnamese National Education System for replication in other provinces in the future.”

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