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KidsOnline Environmental and Social Governance Policy


With an aim to achieve a safe and equal working environment for all employees and customers, KidsOnline announces our “Environmental and Social Policy” with the commitment to comply with the law and other requirements on environmental protection, to minimize our environmental impacts, to prevent pollution and make efforts to participate in environmental improvement activities in the company and the community.


This policy is widely disseminated to all employees, customers and stakeholders and posted on KidsOnline’s official website:


3.1. The Human Resources Department is responsible for implementing this policy and disseminating it to all employees of the Company.

3.2. It is the responsibility of all department heads to remind employees to comply with this policy.


This policy is updated annually by company management to meet current requirements. However, if there is a change in the requirements of the law or related parties, the Company will review and amend this policy as necessary.


This policy is disseminated to all Company employees through annual internal training. For stakeholders, this policy will be communicated when the policy is published or when there are changes.


6.1. With regards to Environment Protection

The Company complies with the statutory requirements on the environment with the aim of preventing pollution and improving the environment in the Company and the community with the following activities:

– Efficiently use resources such as electricity, water, paper, among others, to minimize environmental impacts;

– Apply measures to save clean water, manage and recycle waste in the Company;

– Provide periodic training to employees on environmental protection knowledge;

– When purchasing equipment and materials, responsible persons must consider and choose products that minimize their effect to the environment.

6.2. With regards to social impacts

The Company is committed to comply with statutory requirements related to labor, safety and health for employees, customers and related surrounding communities, including:

– Labor regimes, employee benefits;

– The Company provides periodic training on regulations, personnel policies and knowledge education, improving health protection skills in the community.

– The Company strives to create safe working conditions, without affecting the surrounding community.

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