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The 3-in-1 kindergarten management system for school managers, teachers and parents, trusted by over 1,200 kindergartens

Helps professionalize kindergarten operations management for administrators

Helps teachers with 2-way communication with parents securely and conveniently

Helps parents follow their child’s class activities, keep in touch with teachers and administrators any time, from any device

KidsOnline app is available both as web-based and mobile platforms and is compatible with popular smart devices (iOS, Android)

Web-based access

For Administrators

Mobile app

For Teachers

Mobile App

For Parents

KidsOnline for who?


Monitor kindergarten activities and functions from web and app dashboards anytime, anywhere



Perform routine tasks conveniently on app; communicate securely with parents and administrators



engage with parents through chats, comments, albums and quick polls



Safely and conveniently accompany their child’s learning journey in class everyday



Save up to 20% of personnel costs per year

Raise kindergarten operations standards with smart in-app management functions

Interact conveniently with parents: quick surveys in app, instant notifications school-wide, in groups or individually

Track and manage each student's invoicing accurately: tuition, meals, pickup/drop off fees in details

Generate customizable reports: detailed, accurate report templates, with graphs and charts


Reduce teacher's workload, by automating 30% routine tasks

Optimized class management functionalities: attendance, eating, sleeping, hygiene status update

Convenient views of teacher's outstanding tasks and actions

Access to professional development training online

Rich, updated online resources for teachers


90% of parents report peace of mind when sending their children to KidsOnline partner kindergartens

Convenient interaction with teachers and administrators

In app diary of a child's activities at school and developmental milestones

Parenting advice from early childhood educators and pediatricians

Total peace of mind for parents, thanks to contactless attendance check, built on powerful AWS Rekognition technology

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