Kindergarten on the app: the story of KidsOnline - KidsOnline
Kindergarten on the app: the story of KidsOnline

It’s been 2 years since kindergartens in locations across Vietnam greet children and their parents with colorful banners at the gate inviting them to download an app. What app, why app in a kindergarten?

KidsOnline started 2 years ago in Hanoi, when a group of young techie parents dreamed of a smart app to keep in touch with their children at kindergarten. Over the last 2 years, KidsOnline has become the most popular cloud-based school-parent communication for kindergartens in Vietnam.

It enables administrators to monitor operations, produce consolidated and individualized reports, generate invoices accurately and securely. It helps teachers broadcast class activities, schedules, notices with parents on the app, monitor class and each child in the class by a number of parameters consistently and effectively (saving them time and efforts). In 2 years’ time, we’ve grown to almost 100,000 users in over 200 kindergartens in 15 cities and provinces.

A populous country (94 million), Vietnam boasts youthful demographics with 4.3 million children in pre-school age (source: Ministry of Education). By law, children are warranted the right to childcare and kindergarten. However, the majority of kindergartens in Vietnam are operated on small scale (under 100 children), lacking the scale and financial resources to have proper management information systems.

This is where KidsOnline gets handy: we provide them a pay-per-use kindergarten management system at a low cost, just USD 1.1/kid/month, featuring two-way mobile app for interaction with parents.

As the first app-based kindergarten management solution in Vietnam, KidsOnline is innovating the technologies for early childhood education sector. Many kindergartens still use paper-based school-parent exchange books, while some use expensive but not so effective one-way text messaging systems. With the prevalent use of smart phone by young Vietnamese parents, it’s high time for app-based solutions like KidsOnline to make it time-saving and cost-effective for kindergartens to adopt technology.

Looking forward, KidsOnline aspires to provide kindergartens not just with an effective management tool, but also quality early childhood development contents too. We are teaming up with Vietnam National Teacher’s College,  UNICEF Vietnam and the National Children’s Hospital to deliver curated contents on the app and enable parents from all corners of Vietnam to connect to top pediatrists and early childhood experts for consultation and advice.

KidsOnline will become the day-to-day indispensable companion to parents and kids throughout their early childhood years. That would be a dream come true to all us at KidsOnline.

Try KidsOnline for free in your kindergarten:

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